Leading up to the release of Tobi Lou's debut album, Cult Classic, he’s been dropping a series of EPs. Now, the third and final release of the trilogy, Tobi Lou and the Juice, has arrived.

"I spent so long searching for this so called 'juice' that everyone speaks of but I just discovered this year that I can make my own juice," he tells P&P. "When you’re the source of your own juice, there is no running out. It just keeps goin’. I hope this project helps other people realize that they have the juice too."

Tobi Lou and the Juice is a seven song project that came to life in a loose, carefree creative environment. "I made The Juice for everyone that keeps telling me to keep going," he says. "Each series is a mood. I already did The Moon and The Loop so now it was time to let loose a bit and see what I can do on the way to my debut album, Cult Classic."

Listen to Tobi Lou and the Juice on iTunes/Apple Music or via Spotify below. Read our March 2018 interview with Tobi here.

This week, Tobi Lou also dropped an amazing goat-filled video for "Goaty," directed by Glassface. Watch that below.