Asher Roth has next. Insert your comparison to Eminem here. His mixtape, The Greenhouse Effect has created huge hype. This song was released after that, and is an ode to all things college. Asher comes out of PA and reps for college students and suburbanites everywhere, but he’s got skill, and he’s funny as hell. And by doing a tape with DJ Drama and Cannon, freestyling for Jay-Z, and chilling with Mos Def and Beanie Siegel, he’s got some credibility too. There’s a video floating around of him performing with Charles Hamilton. Really shitty quality, but it’s good to see those two together.

I miss college.
Asher Roth – I Love College

Off The Greenhouse Effect:
Asher Roth – CANNON!!!
Asher Roth – The Lounge
Asher Roth – Just Listen Asher on some spoken word shit.