I got this from Nico and Monica from the Suiteside label. Nico sent me a description that captured the band’s sound pretty well: “The Banshee are electro-indie with new wave style and punk attitude, a cup of tea for lovers of XTC, Devo, Wire, and a must for fans of new bands like Foals, Late of the Pier, Wombats, etc…” Another comparison that comes to mind is Johnny Foreigner. Lately I’ve been in the mood for energetic music, so this hits the spot. I was also glad to hear some nice guitar work here, because when I hear “electro”, sometimes I think of a band saying “Fuck instruments, let’s just do all this shit on our computer”. The album Your Nice Habits is out now, and it’s very good so go buy it.

The Banshee – Cut Me Clear
The Banshee – Kicks Up
The Banshee – Evening Dress