Here is what some critics have said of Fucked Up:

“They are like nothing you’ve ever heard before and everything you one day hoped you would, too strong for the charts and too corrupting for MTV.” – Music OMH

“It might seem counterintuitive to call Chemistry a grower: From the first listen, it’s both pummeling and riveting. ” – Pitchfork

“Here, they combine hardcore punk’s combat-boot side with its tortured-noise side, layering what sounds like scores of tsunami-distortion guitars over an atomic-speed drum blitz to attain rarely witnessed levels of obliteration (think Black Flag reincarnated as psychotic yetis).” -Blender

“Using near progressive structures as placeholders for hardcore songs, Fucked Up has no equal in the punk scene. An astounding album.” – Under the Radar

Regarding his tendency to end up with a bloody head during performances, frontman Father Damien says:

People have forgotten that blood-letting in rock n roll is a tradition. I feel like it’s a baton that we seemed to have dropped in this modern era of rock n roll. If Fucked Up is doing nothing else, we’re picking up that baton for rock n roll again. It’s sad that I do it because it’s really pathetic, but it’s also a point of pride. I’m willing to bleed for the kids out there

I’m still forming my opinion. Here’s a few samples.

Fucked Up – The Magic Word
Fucked Up – Twice Born
Fucked Up – Son the Father

Sidenote: Don’t ever Google “Fucked Up” looking for images unless you’re mentally ready to be disturbed.