Buoy is Jackson Bennett’s debut album. It is self produced, self released, and the price is whatever the buyer wants to pay. I love that, and not just because I can get albums for free. I think offering an album for whatever the buyer wants to pay is like the artist saying “Look, I would rather you hear my music than make a buck.” Of course there are a lot of people who, when given the opportunity, aren’t going to pay shit, so if you like Jackson’s music I recommend going to his site and throwing him a couple of bones.

Now let’s get to the music. Usually I can just rattle off some descriptive shit when I hear an album, but I’m having trouble with this one. Jackson seems to use some classic melodies and harmonic progressions, but they are done in such a unique way that they take on a new meaning. “Pynchon” sounds like TV on the Radio got their hands on a Little Richard song, and “New Bom Bom” is what the Killers might sound like if they were making music in the 50’s. In the end, it isn’t fair to draw too many comparisons because Jackson is clearly just creating what is in his own head. It would be close to impossible to group him with other artists or put him in any scene. We’ll see if that turns out to be a good thing or bad thing, but you have to give him credit for making some honest music.

“I just do what I want.” – Jackson Bennett

Jackson Bennett – Pynchon
Jackson Bennett – New Bom Bom