I realize I already posted this. I’m gonna do this from time to time because sometimes I post a song before giving it much of a listen. This was the case with the John Legend joint, which is a Japanese bonus from Evolver I think. I listened to this song first on Dramatic Annie, mostly because she challenged her readers to guess where the opening of this song came from. (It’s one of my favorite Q-Tip songs “Let’s Ride” which I’ve also included in this post.) Anyways, I stuck this John Legend song on a playlist of mine and now I find myself skipping songs to get to it. I’m not a huge fan of all of Legend’s stuff, but there are definitely a select few that sound perfect to me. This is one of those timeless songs that could have been a 50’s Motown hit with a few minor adjustments. And then “Let’s Ride”, shit. Just listen to those drums.

John Legend – Floating Away
Q-Tip – Let’s Ride