F.A.M.E. [Follow All My Examples] is from Jersey City and he works as a graphic designer. His latest projects include Hard+Work, a dual digital album [half audio, half visual] released for free with all artwork designed by F.A.M.E and MySpace Beat Jacking, a concept where F.A.M.E finds a producer on MySpace who has a hot track and freestyles over it on the spot [no practice, writtens or second takes]. New episodes are uploaded on a weekly basis. Additionally, he’s working on his next album “The Monolith,” due for completion in the first quarter of ’09.

I like this dude’s style. His personality comes through in his lyrics and he talks some shit without sounding overly arrogant and repetitive. Thanks to Holley for the heads up.

F.A.M.E. – Plant the Seeds

F.A.M.E. – Cereal for Dinner