A couple new ones thanks to TJsDJs. Supposedly this first one is a Charles Hamilton diss. Don’t really understand why. I’m pretty sure Charles never said shit about the south in general. Or made any comments about Yung Daze. Who is Yung Daze? I guess he’s one of Soulja Boy’s friends who wants to cash in on this “beef”. I don’t think he should go at Sonic, especially since he can’t even put together sentences that make sense. Also, how many fuckin top 40 hip hop songs can you quote in one song? Ridiculous. The second one is Young Cash getting on B.o.B.’s mockery song “Autotune”. Why is every rapper so concerned with every other rapper? It’s pretty crazy if you just think about using music as a tool to talk shit on another musician.

Yung Daze – Ridin’ For The South
Young Cash – Autotune

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