Wale – Mixtape About Nothing. This mixtape is one of my favorites of all time. Despite the misleading title, Wale touches on a lot of serious topics ranging from relationships to the music biz and does so with charisma, honesty, and elite lyricism. His go-go influenced beats give the album sense of cohesion and an exciting, energetic sound. His flow comes to life and embeds itself in the music. Unlike some rappers who rap over beats, Wale raps inside of them.

Out of all the new freshman in the game, Wale stands out as one who is hyped up mostly (if not solely) based on his music. Shit, he’s one of my favorite emcees and I don’t know much about him other than he’s from DC, he always has nice kicks on, his parents were Nigerian immigrants, and Lindsay Lohan is a fan (the proof is above). These days, when every rapper has an image, it’s nice to be able to get behind someone just because their music is that good. Check out some stand outs from the Mixtape About Nothing, my favorite mixtape of the year.

Wale – The Crazy (Probably my favorite on the album)
Wale – The Manipulation (Haha, listen to Wales explanation at the end)
Wale – The Star (Beat morphs at around 1:30)
Wale – The Feature Heavy Song (ft. Bun B, Pusha -T, and Tre)
Wale – The Cliche Lil Wayne Feature (ft. Lil Wayne, obviously)
Wale – The Remake of a Remake (All I Need To Get By)