Scripts ‘N Screwz “Big City Lights” music video from Jordan Wyatt on Vimeo.

Here’s some new shit from Scripts ‘N Screwz, an experimental electro/hip hop group out of St. Louis. Some people think that this electro/hip hop thing is a fad. I think it’s just getting started. In rock music there’s bluesy rock, funky rock, jazzy rock, electro rock, etc. The same kind of diversity would be good in hip hop. We don’t need old school cats coming in and trying to bring hip hop back to what it was in the 90s. I say move forward. I welcome the evolution, and I think hip hop is pretty strong right now. Here’s an example of a group trying to do something a little different and making it work.

Scripts ‘N Screwz – Brick
Scripts ‘N Screwz – Big City Lights