What’s up just wanted to let everyone know that I’m gonna be busy over the next few days. Got fam in town for Xmas and big plans for New Years with the girlfriend. WHAT UP DISNEY!? Ha can’t wait. I’m gonna be checking for anything big that drops but I’m probably gonna be a little slower than usual. Shouldn’t be a big deal but if you see anything good out there and wanna help me out feel free to send it to me or post it up in my shoutbox. Happy holidays to everyone and thanks for checking out Pigeons and Planes.

Here’s some random 2pac that will always remind me of my girl. One of the first late night convos we had revolved around the “Biggie or Tupac?” question. It’s really a win-win question, but I gotta go with Pac every time. Something much deeper to him. Something you can feel. It’s sad, because I think he would have done a lot more with his life if he had the time. If you haven’t seen Resurrection yet, you’re missing out.

2Pac- Hail Mary