Oh shit. I randomly heard this song the other day (that other day being yesterday) and couldn’t believe how different it sounded. I haven’t dug too deep into Chris Cornell’s work, so I usually only end up hearing a few songs from him each year. This year might be different.

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) is dropping a new album Scream on March 10, and the whole thing is going to be produced by Timbaland! Cornell got in touch with Timbaland through Rick Rubin, who suggested that the two work together on a Remix album that Cornell was trying to get finished. Apparently, the two meshed pretty well, because six weeks later the remix project was forgotten and they had come up with an entirely new album, written and recorded by both of them.

I will definitely be checking out more than a few Chris Cornell songs this year. Here is “Part Of Me”, off Scream, and a great “Billie Jean” cover from Cornell’s acoustic session in Sweden. I posted “Billie Jean” before, but not many people came to P&P back then. Once I start getting 100,000 hits a day I’ll probably post it a third time, so tell your friends.

Chris Cornell – Part Of Me (Prod. Timbaland)

Chris Cornell – Billie Jean