Remember where you heard this shit first, ’cause you’ll be hearing a lot more of it in the future. brandUn DeShay. He’s an emcee/producer out of Chicago. brandUn DeShay when rapping, DeShay Ali when producing. By listening to his work you can hear his diversity of influence, ranging from MF DOOM to The Knife. Mr. DeShay has a new project coming out at the end of the month, and I’ll definitely be checking that shit out, but for now get a feel for him with this track off his One! For The Money mixtape. There’s a new refreshing wave of sound coming to hip-hop in ’09 and brandUn is gonna be a part of that, so don’t sleep.

brandUn DeShay – Tag, You’re It ft. Chill3d, Tommy Parker

Here’s another one from One! For The Money. Both of these feature DeShay on production. What do you think? You like his sound?

brandUn DeShay – Go Fly A Kite ft. Casey Veggies