Funny to be posting this right after Em. Cage hasn’t dropped an album since 2005, and his image has changed drastically since then. I was worried that we’d lost the dark/crazy Cage forever and he would go from psycho to emo. Luckily, that’s not the case. I’m liking this song a lot, and Cage’s lyrics still have that ominous, almost twisted feel to them. El-P’s production is on point as usual. It has an industrial feel to it (surprise), but the melody isn’t lost and it’s never overwhelming. I’m looking forward to Depart From Me, out in June on Def Jux.

Do you remember Cage’s song “Agent Orange” with Necro on the production? That was my shit for years.

Update: Somewhere along the line there was a mix up, and those of you who downloaded before seeing this update actually have a song called “I Never Knew You”. Dope track, but not ready to be released yet I guess. I have updated this post with the real “Nothing Left To Say”. Wait until about 1:40 for the song to really get going. Very cool shit, but damn, I was really feeling that “I Never Knew You” song.

Cage – Nothing Left To Say