I got the above video in my inbox along with a strange message about the “mysterious” Catman Cohen. I had never heard of this guy before and was unaware that he had been making music for the past 6 years so I thought it was a little strange that he was being spoken of as some kind of legend. I wrote back asking if this was for real or some sort of gimmick to get attention. I thought I’d share the response with you because this is some crazy shit:

Thanks for responding to the recent PR pertaining to the Catman Cohen “FADE INTO YOU ” music video and thanks for considering a write-up at your fascinating blog.

Conferred with Mr. Cohen and the MP3’s for the new songs will NOT be released until March, when the CD itself is to be released.

The FADE INTO YOU video was created as a teaser for the impending CD release and so you have full permission to use the video in an article at “Pigeons and Planes.”

The silhouette artist concept is NOT a PR gimmick, it represents the ideology of the man. Since 1993, Mr. Cohen adamantly refused to release his photo to any media and has remained consistent in that demand, despite slings and arrows aimed his way about that choice. Moreover, The Catman Project has a lengthy FRIENDS list (100 social activist luminaries in a variety of fields) and therefore when interviews are requested, Mr. Cohen consistently has turned down all interview requests, instead preferring that interview requests be handled by FRIENDS OF THE CATMAN PROJECT, all of whom have urgent matters to discuss concerning the myriad crises facing this nation.

Mr. Cohen believes that all empirical evidence indicates America is on the cusp of a massive infrastructural crisis (dramatic shortages of rescue workers, impending fresh water crisis, health insurance crisis, food bank crisis, etc). He believes that the country must immediately change its eco-socio-politico priorities and inspire its youth to pursue vocations that are in crisis, rather than encourage so many to aspire to become members of the Cult of Celebrity. Without an immediate dramatic change in national priorities, Mr. Cohen believes the society will collapse, probably within your lifetime. As a result, in creating his art, Mr. Cohen chose to remain in the background (as a shadow) in order to allow other societal figures of critical importance to take the spotlight.

Most of Mr. Cohen’s songs have been shaped and fashioned around his personal ideology concerning society, and he has not wavered in his approach over some SIX years, even though others (including myself) have tried to persuade him to go down a more orthodox path. That is why, at this point, his approach transcends being a mere gimmick, though you might wish to imagine otherwise. He believes today’s artists MUST move away ASAP from hedonistic entertainment in service of the advertisers who control the business, toward more POLITICAL art that inspires the change needed to remedy the dismal status quo of an increasingly bankrupt society.

A major Big Media entity recently requested that Mr. Cohen provide a feature article for its national magazine so it appears that, if he agrees to their terms, and vice versa, then Catman Cohen finally will be quite well-known throughout the entire nation. Moreover, having heard his new CD, I believe the songs themselves are going to create quite a stir, given the epic nature of the work, not to mention inclusion of several major label artists.

Finally, in regards to the very compelling deep singing voice…that’s the real thing: as a singer, he has been compared to Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Louis Armstrong, while his political approach draws various comparisons to early Bob Dylan and Springsteen. The women seem to love “the voice,” while the initial male reaction is often not so kind. However, over time, that negative reaction seems to disappear, as even his detractors eventually fall in love with the passion in the man’s voice…..very similar to how many people first hated Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Axl Rose, etc,. then came to “forgive” and embrace their extremely unusual singing voices.

Anyway, hope that helps answer your questions….and thank you for your kind attention. If you should do a write-up, please provide a copy so I can send it to the client.