The New Regime (Ilan Rubin of Nine Inch Nails) has just released its debut album Coup. I have been listening to way too much upbeat, danceable, impish rock lately, so this is a much needed break from my norm. Once my girlfriend said she could dance to any music at all. I challenged her with some Wu-Tang. She won. This song might be my next challenge to her, and if she wins again I’m gonna seek out some free form jazz. It’s not that The New Regime doesn’t have rhythm; it’s just the type of music that makes you want to nod your head or pump your fist. Instead of yelping or howling like some hipsters love to do these days, Ilan comes through with some yells and screams while maintaining some sort of control over his pipes. The music is a less like a picket fence and more like a brick wall, and the drums are less like a handclap button on a synth and more like a bald headed, ripped dude in a muscle tee making weird faces while he hits things with sticks. (But it’s actually not. Ilan played all the instruments himself.) The point is, not a lot of people are rocking out like this and still sounding good lately. Check it out.

The New Regime – Order Restored