Can I just say God DAMN! I completely slept on this the first time around now I’m kicking myself for wasting my time not listening to this. I had no idea what I was dealing with here. Thanks for 2DopeBoyz for the ReUp. There’s been so many people trying to capitalize on Dilla’s death that sometimes the music suffers. Well Mick Boogie and Busta Rhymes did this shit right. Real right. Dead right. These aren’t some leftover Dilla beats that shoulda been left in the shoebox. The production on these joints is out of control! If these beats don’t make you bob your head you’re an asshole. Ha! Alright I’m gonna stop hyping this up. Check out my favorites from the Busta Rhymes and J Dilla mixtape called Dillagence. Buy the special edition album here and help out the J. Dilla Foundation, or download it from 2dopeboyz.

Busta Rhymes & J Dilla – Takin What’s Mine

Busta Rhymes & J Dilla – Psycho ft. Cassidy, Papoose

Busta Rhymes & J Dilla – Not Right Now

Busta Rhymes & J Dilla – Who Tryin To Kill You