This was not easy to dig up. Mostly because the info behind this song is like something that has been passed around for years in a game of telephone. I loved this song when I heard it years ago, and I found it because it was labeled “Radiohead and the Pixies”. I’ve always loved the Pixies. The song has been called “In My Mind” and “Blowout” and has been attributed to Radiohead and the Pixies, Radiohead and Portishead, and countless other shit. After some digging, I believe it is actually Thom Yorke of Radiohead accompanied by The Posies done on a live radio show. What I do know is that it is a beautiful acoustic song with Thom Yorke on vocals. If anyone else has more info, feel free to share. Enjoy.

Thom Yorke and The Posies – Blowout (Acoustic)