Don Diablo
. Either this guy is making some sick fuckin’ music or his marketing team has been working undercover for years as bloggers, just so when the time came to spread the word, they’d have a stronghold on the blogosphere. *Listens to music* Yeah, sick shit. Damn, I feel like I failed here by not picking up on him earlier. I gotta start paying better attention I guess. This dude has been destroying parties, blowing up magazine covers, and sexually violating music blogs left and right with his music. From now on, I’m going to be checking out everything this man does.

Don Diablo is a DJ from Amsterdam and his shit is wild. He creates party music with all the energy and bounce you’d want, but also maintains a level of smoothness/cleanliness about it that’s hard to find in DJs these days. Like, if most DJs build using Lincoln logs, Diablo would be on that Lego shit. Check out the latest track below and the video for “Hooligans Never Surrender”. The video is awesome, and makes me wonder why some people just make videos of themselves dancing/lip-synching.

Don Diablo vs De La Soul – Stand Up For Me, Myself, And I