When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing. I still don’t but now I have a lot of people who I can bother with questions. It’s great to be part of a diverse online community of people who love music as much as I do, and I wanted to take a minute to shout out some of the people who have helped me the most.

And check that pic. It’s a male bird of paradise trying to get some bird pussy(???) by showing off his flyest shit. Looks like somethign out of an old video game.

Half A Person: Nina at Half A Person has been great to me since day 1. She was one of the first bloggers I got into contact with, and once she mentioned me in a Teen Vogue feature! Not my favorite mag (Seventeen = #1!!)..pause.. but I was fucking stoked anyways. Nina has recently started posting more mp3s and she has a great taste in music. While most blogs get caught up in any band that generates a little hype, Nina seems to stick to the music she likes.

We All Want Someone To Shout For: Will is the epitome of keeping it real. I think the most important thing about a music blog (other than the music) is the voice. When you check out WAWSTSF, it feels less like sitting and reading some song reviews and more like talking with a friend about what music you’re into lately.

Pretty Much Amazing
: Luis’ PMA got so popular for a reason. He has grown it into much more than your average music blog, and he features some really interesting articles that offer some great (and often hilarious) opinions on cultural happenings that we’ve all witnessed. When he’s discovered a new pop gem, he’ll let you know, but he’s also not afraid to tell you when he thinks something is bullshit. PMA also offers perks like a weekly newsletter, random give aways, and podcasts.

Carpe Noctem
: Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about Johnny The Anomaly. His site is like if a music blog grew a mohawk and a monster arm, did a bunch of uppers and hallucinogens and threw a party in a grimy motel room. Half the time I have no idea what he’s posting about, but that’s the point right? Finding new stuff. He also recommended TweetDeck to me, which has dramatically improved my Twitter game.