Tired of listening to music filled with lyrics that you wish you got, but don’t? Timid Tiger‘s PMA EP is full of infectious pop rock that won’t leave you trying to come up with far fetched explanations that don’t make any sense. The EP starts off with the smooth “Palm Beach Bar”, a drinking song that will make you want to get sauced up and take it to the coast. This one is a blend between hip-hop and pop, with verses on the rocks broken up with a chorus that will embed itself in your brain like a nice buzz at the beginning of a night out.

The EP features 4 originals, all catchy as hell. “Electric Island” is one of those songs that sounds immediately familiar. Timid Tiger knows how to set up a structure that comes across as completely natural and unforced while showcasing the band’s personal touch of what has come to be known as “indietronic cartoon pop”. While a lot of bands are trying to “push the boundaries” with stuff that doesn’t make sense to the average listener, Timid Tiger aims to please.

The EP also features a mindfuck of a mash up. (You know how I feel about mash ups). This one takes “Are You Gonna Go My Way”, adds a pulsing beat, and throws in some Luda and Biggie verses for good measure. While it may not be the piece of music that ends up changing your life, it will at least make your drunk friends laugh if you play it at a party. To me, the weak point in the album is the cover of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer”. But then again, that may also make your drunk friends laugh. Haha thanks for Pretty Much Amazing for spreading the word. Check out the mash up below, and download the whole EP for free.

Timid Tiger – Are You Gonna Go My Way ft Ludacris & Notorious BIG

Download the entire EP here (whole or track by track)