Prolific artists are hard to follow. Some of them, like Charles Hamilton, put out a steady stream of music, but it’s all coming directly from the source. Lil Wayne is a completely different animal. He’s got the stuff that comes directly from him, then he’s got the songs he’s featured on, then he’s got the millions of random DJ mixtapes, then he’s got the unofficial songs that no one has any information on, and every now and then a “new” song will come out with a Wayne verse on it that sounds like it was from “drop it like it’s hot” era Wayne. Here’s my plan:

I will collect Wayne songs every day. At the end of the day I will burn them all to compact discs (CDs). I will label each CD with the song title. I will throw them all into a potato sack and shake the bag for 30 minutes. I will reach my hand in and choose 3 CDs, one at a time. Those three songs will go up on P&P. I’ll ship the rest of the CDs off individually to loyal P&P readers.

Damn, how else can you effectively keep up with Weezy?

Lil Wayne – Fix My Hat (No DJ)

Lil Wayne & Playaz Circle – Big Dog

Lil Twist ft. Lil Wayne – The Leak