Up & coming producer Ian Kizzle, bka Bad News Rap Dudes (Bad News), took 14 Jay-Z tracks that we all know and love and placed Jay’s vocals over his beats! I downloaded this “Hov & Oates” mixtapes a few days ago and finally had the time to listen to it just now.
It’s a dope remake of some great Hov songs! My 2 favorites on it are:
1) “Excuse Me Lily” [Excuse Me Miss] (mp3)
2) “Sara Don’t Cry” [Song Cry] (mp3)

Here’s the entire mixtape for you all to download if you’re digging those 2!

Bad News Rap Dudes – “Hov & Oates” (The Mixtape)

Bad News also produced for D. Julien on his cut called “One Can Win“. Check that out also, it was the Heater Of The Day at ALLHIPHOP.COM