Haha I’m back. Looks like music didn’t take a rest so neither am I. Pretty Much Amazing introduced me to Chiddy Bang with their rendition of MGMT’s Kids and now they flip up Kid Cudi’s Day N Nite. These guys are sick and if you haven’t gotten into them yet, uh do it now. They are smart in choosing songs that are right there in the public ear but on top of that they rip apart the songs. New school sampling is the perfect way to get attention and Chiddy Bang does it. They use creative and mind boggling lyrics to create our favorite songs of the recent past into this new rap phenomena.

Pretty Much Amazing also let me in on that they will be having a show in NYC on May 13th. Oh boy, right after I get to hit up Frank Ramz on the 11th I am definitely going to hop on this. You guys can check it out right here. I love how I don’t have finals during finals week this year so it lets me get home a week earlier and I guess a nice summer present is these two shows.