I’ve always been a fan of the Eels‘ (Mark Everett’s) brand of catchy songwriting with a little bit of a kick, but sometimes the quirkiness gets to me. I like music weird enough to be in an audio freak show, but things that are described as “quirky” usually rub me the wrong way. (e.g. Phoebe from Friends, Kimmy from Full House, adults who are obsessed with Disney) Luckily, this one probably falls into the bucket labeled “weird”. Here’s a dark, new jam from the Eels’ upcoming Hombre Lobo, due in June. Thanks to Spinner.

Eels – Fresh Blood

Hombre Lobo:

01 prizefighter
02 that look you give that guy
03 lilac breeze
04 in my dreams
05 tremendous dynamite
06 the longing
07 fresh blood
08 what’s a fella gotta do
09 my timing is off
10 all the beautiful things
11 beginner’s luck
12 ordinary man