Sonic Youth are gearing up to release their 16th album The Eternal on June 9th through Matador. Here’s the first single, in case the first 10 posts on P&P today aren’t enough. This one rocks pretty hard. Here’s what Matador says about the song:

Sacred Trickster” is a 2:10 out-of-the gate hardcore matinee track with Kim singing salutes to French painter Yves Klein and Western Massachusetts noise artist Noise Nomads. It sets the tone for The Eternal, which comprises twelve tunes that are a fireworks display of Sonic Youth touchstones. From the primal no wave attack of its earliest days, to the radical chording and song structures of its ’90s period, to the more focused and contemporary explorations of the last five years. This their 16th album, and their first for the Matador label, consolidates their move to a more lush, sensual sound as displayed on last album Rather Ripped – but if anything punchier and cleaner, and now backstopped by the addition of Mark Ibold (Pavement, Dustdevils) on bass.

Sonic Youth – Sacred Trickster