I think 2009 is going to be a good year for slept on artists. Musicians like Wale and Drake have been putting in years of hard work that has gone largely unnoticed and all of a sudden their sound is synonymous with fresh. Wiz Khalifa is another example of that. He’s been dropping shit since 2002, but until recently I thought he was some type of rare African cheese. (Horrible joke, but I’m gonna go with it.) Lucky for him, he’s only 21 and it looks like he’s about to gain some fans. He’s got a sound that will satisfy the heads and also appeal to casual listeners who are looking for more than just straight lyricist rap. Plus, he has a face tat and those big glasses that everybody likes these days. I need to get some of those. Face tats I mean. Check out a few tracks off of Wiz Khalifa’s Flight School mixtape that just dropped today, and if you dig it, grab the whole thing.

Wiz Khalifa – Starstruck Remix

Wiz Khalifa – Never Ever

Wiz Khalifa – Boarding Pass