Good morning. Here’s the best of the week. Max Ulis’ “I Don’t Like You” is stunningly creepy. If you find yourself in a dark room with weird feelings, you’ve got the perfect song. One for the Team’s Build A Garden EP has been in heavy rotation and those melodies have been bouncing around in my skull all week. Dan Black has done it again with his heavy handed, crispy pop. Asher leaked a burner from his upcoming album. Busta traded Jeezy for Weezy on Conglomerate. Justice made the U2 single listenable, eh.. tolerable. Charles Hamilton continues to drop too much music for me to keep up with and in the biggest surprise of the century, Kanye is on a song about having a big ego. Juelz leaked some songs from I Can’t Feel My Face, Smoke Jumpers capitalize on the world’s hatred for Breezy, and Melanie Fiona enlisted Kweli for a fitting remix.

I don’t know why I just wrote all that. I meant to recap a few highlights, but I ended up just rambling about everything in this post. And sorry about the pic. Someone emailed it to me. Not really sure why I decided to use it for this. Oh well, the Best of the Week post is still kind of a free for all. I’ll get it right eventually. I’m gonna go eat some leftovers now. Enjoy.

Asher Roth – Perfectionist ft. Beanie Sigel

Max Ulis – I Don’t Like You

Busta Rhymes ft Lil Wayne, Jadakiss – Conglomerate

Dan Black – U + Me

One For The Team – Questions and Panthers

U2 – Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix)

Beyonce ft. Kanye West – Ego

Melanie Fiona ft. Talib Kweli – Give It To Me Right (Remix)

Smoke Jumpers – My Flows So Tight (Anti Chris Brown Song)

Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne – By Myself

Charles Hamilton – Strangers With Candy