Been a good week. P&P got two contributors who will be helping out here for the next couple of weeks, and they’ve been doing a great job and bringing a lot of new perspective to this place. Big thanks to Frank Ramz and Rogo!

This week Cudder, Ye, and Common got together for a spin off of Lady Gaga’s hit, and it’s been getting very mixed reviews. I dig it. Producer Charlie Hilton premiered a song from his upcoming mixtape, and everyone who heard it seemed to have great things to say. Check out the original post here. Eminem finally released his first single from Relapse, and thousands of people started heavily drinking after realizing that they had been waiting for years for “We Made You”. Hopefully Relapse will have some surprises. A few tracks from Asher Roth’s upcoming album have leaked and his fan base seems to be steadily growing. “I Love College” haters, give it a chance, he’s been coming with some serious shit lately. No Doubt quietly released their first song after reuniting (and I listened to 10 seconds of it). And “Maybach Music 2” finally came out after being prematurely labeled a classic by the internets. Not a bad song but…well, just check it for yourself. And also make sure to check out that Frank Ramz joint. You think I’d let a whack rapper post on P&P? Ramz makes good ass music.

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West, Common, Lady Gaga – Poke Her Face

Charlie Hilton – Tears Of Our City ft Kid Fly, QuEST, Adele

Asher Roth ft. Cee-Lo – Be By Myself

Yves Klein Blue – Polka

Chester French ft. Jadakiss, Diddy, Clinton Sparks – Ciroc Star

No Doubt – Stand and Deliver

Hockey – 3am Spanish

Frank Ramz – Dr. Scholl’s Soul (Prod. BrandUn DeShay)

Asher Roth – As I Em

Eminem – We Made You

Rick Ross ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain – Maybach Music 2