Totally unrelated to music, but I know how passionate P&P readers are about Health Care Reform, so here we go. Don’t worry, I won’t do this again, but my friend is working for the National Health Council and they have a goal of 3,000 signatures in 3 weeks for their petition. Here’s some information:

With the new administration in office and Congress discussing health care reform, the National Health Council needs your help now! Time is quickly running out. The House and Senate have already begun writing a health reform bill. It will be the collective patient voice that will make the difference in this debate, so take this opportunity and make your concerns heard in Washington!

I encourage you to join others from around the country who want to put patients first by:

Signing the NHC Petition for Change and inviting your friends and family to sign

Learning more about the health care issues and the National Health Council’s Five Principles of Health Care Reform

Communicating your suggestiongs to elected officials

Sharing your personal health stories

We need your help to achieve effective and affordable health care – health care that meets your personal needs and goals. The potential for meaningful reform is greater than ever and your action is urgently needed.

For more information about this effort, please contact the National Health Council at