Hello [everyone] I’m Fisha [!] I’m [not] new to the site
but I’m new as far as posting [on it]
I’m here for everything [but] Music; Con[fusion] wanted something different
he asked if I wanted to help [out] N here I am [!] I hope y’all look for my posts
[in the future] here’s my first

via swipe life

“The Autumn/Winter 09/10 menswear line from legendary design house Balenciaga is sure to please fans of the label’s signature innovative style. The collection emphasizes strong, clearly defined silhouettes on heavily-constructed, architectural pieces.”

The first piece that [really] hit me was the jacket [above]
I was [actually] searching for another clothing line
stumbled [upon this]
this line is [exactly] what looking fly [in the winter] looks like
I’d [seriously] waste my [apartment] money on this [but]
I live with my mom

more pics below[..]