So, Briana is Charles Hamilton’s assisstant, whom also lives with him. And if you peeped the video she has a little singing voice. I’m beginning to believe she is the girlfriend (NowAndLater) that he’s been talking about alot lately. If you’ve heard the song he has with his girlfriend singing on it you could also make the connection I’m making.

He also put up a pic on his blog not too along of him & her if I’m not mistaken holding each other, or something like that. But wtv, here’s her interview with D Dot Omen talking about the punch amongst other things.

D Dot Omen Interviews Briana Latrise (mp3)

& talk about 15 minutes of fame, when the vid first hit the net, I watched her twitter followers jump from 180-something to 250-something. Now she’s at 1,021. & Charles made it to like number 5 in twitters trending topics. I salute him cause I don’t think I could’ve took that punch without retaliating in someway. Probably threw her up against the wall or something. I’m done. & those freckles look kind of cute on her.