Earlier today I was craving some Atmosphere/Slug I haven’t heard before. Jon Jon, from Sound Verite and the stomping grounds of Slug (Twin Cities) came through in the clutch with this Muja Messiah track ft. Slug. This is like a two-birds-with-one-stone kind of a deal, because I’ve been meaning to check out more from Muja. The man’s name has been popping up on everybody’s “artists to watch” lists.

Don’t front. Don’t wait for the critics to jump on this dude before you start giving it up to dude. Muja is the shit. I’d put him right there with Saigon and Tech in terms of talent on that intelligent hood dude shit. Time will be the teller if he’s able to be consistent in the public. But I’ve known Muja for like 10 years and he’s always been fresh. I’d ask him to come on tour with us but I’m scared of his crew. The man is right with his. He’s dope live too. – Brother Ali

Muja Messiah ft. Slug – What’s This World Coming To