There’s a lot of critically acclaimed music out there that I never got. To this day, I don’t know anyone who actually listens to The Field, although I’ve seen their music praised in dozens of publications. Burial is another crush of the critics, but one that I actually love. It’s probably mostly due to my first Burial experience:

I was driving from VA to NC in the pouring rain. I decided to throw in Untrue and let it play through. That was one of my most memorable ‘first time listening to an album’ memories. Burial’s sparse, glitchy dubstep combined with those haunting vocals that pop out from behind corners was the perfect soundtrack for that dark and dreary highway ride. If not for that experience, I may still be on the fence about Burial.

And oh yeah, this is Four Tet too, although I wouldn’t question it if you told me it was just Burial. Apparently they have teamed up for a 12 inch project shrouded in mystery. (Order it here). This one a 9 minute song, part dance track, part hypnosis. It’s got a little bounce in it, but it’s as dark as you might expect from a guy who calls himself Burial. Check it out.

Burial + Four Tet – Moth