I haven’t really paid much attention to Green Day since Dookie. Besides a few politically charged ballads that appeal to the bleeding hearts of impressionable tweens, I don’t feel like they’ve brought much to the table. They are getting set to release 21st Century Breakdown in a few weeks, so we’ll see what comes next.

Will at We All Want Someone… got his hands on these two B-Sides from the first single and he spoke pretty highly of them so I gave them a listen. “Lights Out” is exactly what I want from Green Day. It’s probably my favorite thing I’ve heard from the aging pop punk rockers in years, and I have no idea why it’s a B-Side. Maybe it’s not “epic” enough for what they are trying to do these days. “Hearts Collide” is good too. Nice harmonizing and some reverbed guitar work that fits nicely over the clashing drums. If 21st Century Breakdown sounded more like these songs, then I might soon own 2 Green Day albums, but the fact that these are B-Sides makes me skeptical.

Green Day – Lights Out

Green Day – Colliding Hearts