Yes Yes I am still here. I was on vacation for the weekend and things have been hectic so I was on a sort of hiatus I guess you could say. Annnyway nothing is stopping me now, knock on wood so hopefully I will still be able to get my posts in. I look forward to being back and getting stuff to all of you. I felt so out of the loop when I was away. I kind of at times scrambled around to get internet on my iTouch so I could try and make an effort to keep in contact with my world. Oh yeah Spongebob ftw, I am still doing it, I didn’t forget

First up is a team up between Maino and the modern day Fatman Scoop, Swizz Beatz. Swizz always finds his way onto songs because he just makes sick beats, for the most part. Anyway Maino is really up and coming and who knows what will happen.
Plain and simple, Dizzee Rascal is the tits.
This stuff came out sometime over the weekend but whatever cause it is good. These songs have some tags thrown in there but they are classic Lupe essence and no one should turn that shit down.