Here is some noteworthy music posted throughout the week. That Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse song has quickly won over my heart. Until “Symphonies” comes out in full, “Ecstasy” has been my Dan Black fix. The new/old Modest Mouse song makes me excited to see what else we haven’t heard from Isaac and the gang. Bat For Lashes comes out with another great song that I can listen to before going to sleep. Eminem hits us with two bonus tracks that most people are liking better than 90% of the album. Tony Williams gets on the “Amazing” remix, which baits bloggers world wide to say corny things about how amazing it is. Weezer covers MGMT and Lady Gaga and makes it sound natural. ‘Clef and Timbo mesh styles on the fun/serious “More Bottles”. Oh yeah, and Mr. Hudson and Kanye West’s “Supernova” has been making huge waves.

My friend sent me this picture a few weeks ago and I still laugh whenever I see it.

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Insane Lullaby (ft. James Mercer of the Shins)

Dan Black – Ecstasy

Modest Mouse – Satellite Skin

Bat For Lashes – Wilderness

Eminem – Careful What You Wish For

Eminem – My Darling

Kanye West ft. Tony Williams & Young Jeezy – Amazing (Remix)

Weezer – Kids/Poker Face

Wyclef ft. Timbaland – More Bottles

Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West – Supernova