I’m not sure how many people have actually heard Wilco (The Leak), or Wilco (The Stream), but I was going to hold off on posts because I want people to buy Wilco (The Album). I actually planned on not posting any songs from Wilco (The Album), and instead writing a review of sorts, but I hate writing real reviews of albums. It’s so painful to try to think of different adjectives to describe the music (my mind thinks in abstract terms most of the time), and trying to rate music on a scale of 1 to 10 is like trying to describe sex with binary code.

But I’ve seen a couple other blogs post this (IGIF & PMA), and I think getting at least one song out in the blogosphere before an album release is good promotion. So here is “Bull Black Nova”. It is actually one of my least favorite songs on Wilco (The Album), but it’s definitely solid, and I think most people will like it more than I do.

What I can tell you about the album is that it is honest, and if you’re a Wilco fan, you will not be disappointed. Musically, it is more similar to Sky Blue Sky or A Ghost Is Born than it is to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. YHF is still my favorite Wilco album, but I’m not sure if the music world needs another album like that right now. It seems like a lot of music is getting way too self-indulgent, and “getting it” is becoming more important than feeling it. In a music world filled with shiny objects and flashing lights, Wilco is like a good friend giving you a pat on the back. You can still stream the whole album here.

Wilco – Bull Black Nova | Box.net