Ramz posted some info about this project Make The Road By Walking, but when something like this comes around, it’s worth giving a little extra attention. Ramz goes in over Menahan’s Street Band’s vibrant, soulful instrumental album Make The Road By Walking and breathes even more energy into each song, taking us through his perspective on life, struggles, success, and the things that we all go through while we try to keep it moving. Ramz always says he wants to perform with a live band. This album is beyond convincing that he’d be able to handle that like a pro. (Bands, get at Ramz ASAP). He navigates the soulful terrain laid down by Menahan’s Street Band with ease, and sounds smooth as The Goose doing it.

I’m glad “The Traitor” is the first song Ramz decided to introduce, because it’s one of my personal favorites from the album, and gives you a real idea of what to expect. Those horns and that slick bassline alone are enough to win me over, but add in Ramz’s realness, and this track is a true gem.

Tired of rappers talking about what they have instead of who they are and what they love? Meet Frank Ramz.

Frank Ramz – The Traitor | Box.net

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