First off, I’m jealous because they are a live hip-hop band! Now that that’s out of the way..

Straight out of Miami, is a dope (and I mean DOPE) hip-hop band named ArtOfficial. This band consists of Danny Perez on keys, Manny Patino on drums, Ralf Valencia on bass, and Keith Cooper on the saxophone; with vocals provided by emcees Newsense and Logics.
ArtOfficial has rocked out on stage with the likes of Pharaoh Monch, KRS-One & more as well as performing at 2007’s Rock The Bells festival which was headlined by Nas & the Wu. ArtOfficial has also won first place @ the Florida Grammy Showcase and beat out more than 1,000 bands to earn the second runner-up position in Lollapalooza’s 2008 “Last Band Standing.”

Well, here I present to you all their EP titled *Stranger* (which obviously came out before 4-2008). The first thing you will notice on each track is the dope instrumentation. It’s a refreshing blend of jazz and hip-hop, and the two emcees give the track even more depth with dope lyrics to match. Now this EP is available on iTunes for $5 if I’m not mistaken, but we have gotten the green light to allow you guys to download & enjoy it for free.

ArtOfficial – “Big City Bright Lights” (mp3)

ArtOfficial – *Stranger* (EP)

After releasing the *Stranger* EP, they released a full-length follow up album titled *Fist Fights and Foots Races* which came out in early 4-2008. It was distributed in Japan via Goon Trax/Media Factory and has proved to be a hot seller since its release in early April 2008, peaking at #4 on the Tower Records Charts.