Here’s a new one from the upcoming album, Brand You Can Trust, out July 14th. In case you didn’t know, La Coka Nostra is:

  • Everlast (a.k.a. Mr. White) (ex House Of Pain MC)
  • DJ Lethal (ex House of Pain and current Limp Bizkit DJ/producer)
  • Danny Boy (ex House Of Pain hype man, current music video director)
  • Ill Bill (ex Non Phixion MC/producer)
  • Slaine (current Special Teamz MC)
  • Big Left (MC)

Additional producers and contributing/featured artists:

  • B-Real (Cypress Hill member, MC)
  • DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill member, producer)
  • Sick Jacken (Sick Symphonies and Psycho Realm member, MC)
  • Cynic (Sick Symphonies member, producer)
  • Q-Unique (ex Arsonists, MC and producer)
  • DJ Mek (Scary√Čire member, DJ/producer)
  • Sicknature (Danish MC/producer)

I think you can pretty much guess what the music is gonna sound like by looking at the picture, reading the name of the group, and seeing the line up.

La Coka Nostra – Choose Your Price ft. Bun B