Izza Kizza found some time out of his busy schedule to chop it up me and answer a few questions. After listening to his latest mixtape (thanks to Confusion) I had a few questions in mind & coincidently his manager had already reached out to P&P in regards to an interview. First, for those of you who haven’t heard anything from Izza, please download *The Wizard of IZ*. It’s a great way to get introduced to him & get familiar with his sound.

Ramz: First just let everyone @ P&P know where you’re from.

Izza: I’m from the bottom of the map….Valdosta, GA…

Ok, now I have to ask, where did the name “Izza Kizza” come from?

Izza Kizza is a name I chose as a cool factor …something different that had an appeal… it also kinda describes my spicy delivery. When you hear Izza Kizza as a name, you can imagine what my music will sound like…. And when you hear my music, you can imagine my name being something like Izza Kizza.

The name definitely does match with the music; they both stand out! You have a very polished sound & strong mic presence. How long have you been laying it down on the mic?

I’ve been slayin’ the iron dragon (a.k.a the mic) for well over a decade…it grew from a hobby…to a art…and into a career. And now it’s a lifestyle. Most people may not realize this, but I engineer myself for my recording sessions. I learned to use Protools when I didn’t have an engineer. I decided “Fuck it, I’m gonna learn this shit and record myself”. So I set the mic up right next to the board and the Protools computer and record all of my own vocals. One day, I will learn how to mix my own records as well.


Izza Kizza – *Wizard Of Iz* (Full Mixtape)