You should already know. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. This album has been in heavy rotation since I got it, and it’s great to finally be able to share this and see what others think.

As you know, Frank Ramz has been on the P&P team for a while now, but before I ever asked him to help out here, I was a fan of his music. He’s got the kind of lyrics that are proof that he’s smarter than your average rapper, and a grasp of music (not just hip-hop) that allows him to step outside of the normal boundaries and do something different. He’s also a cool/intelligent guy, and if you’re tired of listening to emcees bragging about material possessions that you’ll probably never have, then Ramz can be that dude who speaks for people like you; people who (hopefully) care about more than just looking good and having stuff. On the flipside, he doesn’t come across as a “conscious rapper” preaching his morals or anything. He just speaks the truth.

That all being said, here is the newest project from Frank Ramz. I’ve said it before, but in case you’ve been dozing, Ramz goes in over a soulful instrumental album by the Menahan Street Band. The results are crazy, and it’s my favorite material from him that I’ve heard so far. Ramz has a kind of laid back flow packed with personality that holds your attention without being in your face and the songs are a perfect balance between lyrical prowess and musical focus.

You definitely don’t want to sleep on this. Check it out, leave comments, let Ramz know what you think. I’ve been really enjoying this, and I’m excited to share it with you guys, so give it a chance.

Frank Ramz – Make The Road By Walking (Whole)

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