This one’s been sitting on my desktop for a minute, and what better time to unleash it? Today has been a good day for new music and instead of staying calm and waiting for a slow day, I’m gonna be reckless and throw some more shit at you.

I got this one thanks to Herley (you better be reading this shit!) He’s from Brooklyn and always talking about how good Fab is. This shines some light on that, but to me, the 4:50 recording really kicks in at around 1:40, where a young Weezy steps in and steals the show. It’s a glimpse of what’s to come from a maturing artist, before the Dedication mixtapes and Da Drought mixtapes.

It’s an early transitioning point where Lil Wayne is morphing from that frog croaking young rapper with good choruses to that serious spitter not to be fucked with. Before the days of autotune and fantasies of being a rockstar, Wayne was just trying to prove himself as a true lyricist that could do damage without Mannie Fresh or the rest of his crew. His voice conveys an intensity and desperation that seems to be steadily fading as he has less and less to lose.

Check it out. Loso and and a 19 year old Lil Wayne freestyling on the “Renegade” beat. Makes you kind of miss the old days huh?

Fabolous & Lil Wayne – Renegade Freestyle