Just got some great news. Congratulations to Frank Ramz for winning the 2009 Underground Music Award for Artist To Watch! You guys already knew to watch Ramz, but it’s nice to have an official title right?

Much respect Ramz. Keep making that good music. I liked Ramz from the first time I heard him, and somehow he keeps improving with each release. When it comes to hip-hop, you’re gonna come across a lot of people whose motives are questionable. Some do it for the money. Some do it just to be that person on the stage with all eyes on him/her. Some do it because they wanna be like the people they see on TV or hear on the radio.

Sit down and listen to some Frank Ramz. If you pay attention, it won’t take long to realize that dude does it from the heart. If Ramz was locked in a room by himself, nobody watching, nobody listening, nobody paying a fucking dime to hear him, I know Ramz would still be rapping. It’s a quality that you either have or you don’t, and coming across it in modern day hip-hop is pretty rare. It’s great to see that drive to create some real music be recognized and appreciated. Congratulations Ramz!

Frank Ramz – Make The Road By Walking

Fuck Yeah Ramz!