It seems like the new trend among rappers is to be on some outerspace shit. That’s cool, and I can definitely relate to feeling like I’m on another planet at times, but when I hop up out of bed (and turn my swag on) in the morning, both of my feet are planted on Earth, and when I look in the mirror, I see a human being. That’s why a little Brother Ali is always refreshing. Ali touches on those real life issues that we all face, and does it with a humble sense of humanity and community that provides a drastic and much needed contrast to Lil Wayne’s “me, me, me” lyrics or Cudi’s “I’m all alone floating in space” vibe.

Ali will be touring with new Rhymesayers signee Evidence and his new album Us will drop Sept. 22nd. Spotted at Sound Verite.

There’s no me and no you, there’s just us.

Brother Ali – Us