Beach House is one of the few hyped up faves that gets the majority of their attention solely based on their unique sound. That cloudy, dreamy pop driven by slowed down Casio keyboard beats should be copyrighted. Not sure how being signed to Sub Pop will/will not change their sound, but I’m excited for their third album. It seems like a make-or-break record. Will Beach House establish themselves as a valuable and unique new edition to the music world, or get written off as an over-hyped bloggy blog sweetheart that didn’t know how to use a drum set?

Via GvsB:

“In July the band took a break from touring to head to upstate New York to record with Chris Coady at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock. They spent a solid month in solitude writing and recording in the church-converted-to-studio compound. What they emerged with is their greatest work to date! Beach House‚Äôs third album will be released on Sub Pop (and on Bella Union overseas) in early 2010…”

Beach House – Gila
| Usershare

Beach House – Master Of None | Usershare