Thanks to DDotOmen you can now listened to that long awaited Charles Hamilton album that never saw the light of day. As you may have heard, Charles Hamilton got the boot from Interscope. I guess I should say “the two parted ways” because I’m sure there are different sides to the story. Anyway, this is the leak of the album that Charles was planning to put out.

The story of Charles Hamilton’s career has been marred by controversy, inconsistency, Sonic, pink, and what seemed to be a lot of personal turmoil. In my opinion, his first mixtape (that I heard) Outside Looking was by far the best thing he’s ever released. Based on that mixtape alone, I hope he reaches his full potential someday. Is this the last we’ll hear from Charles Hamilton? Dude has a big mouth and a creative drive that would probably eat him from the inside out if he didn’t make music, so I doubt it. But we’ll see.

Listening to this album, you can hear why things didn’t work out with Interscope. Charles has a loyal following of fans who understand his style and his intentions, but imagine Interscope trying to sell this shit to the masses. It sounds like arrogant lo-fi hip hop made in a closet somewhere and loved most by the J-Dilla imitator who made it. That being said, there are flashes of greatness and hidden potential.

Charles Hamilton – The Perfect Life (Full)