I don’t think I’ve ever known less about a song before posting it. I got an email from a reader with this song attached and this description:
My friend and some of his friends who are apparently aspiring MC’s and producers finished this song up about a week ago and I think it’s dynamite and definitely worth a listen. It’s far more interesting than most of the shit in the top 100 and the production value is incredible for an amateur producer.

I try to listen to a good amount of what I get in my inbox, and this is one song that definitely stood out from the rest. I hit the reader back for more info, but it’s been over a day and I didn’t get a response. Where you at Matt?? Anyway, you don’t really need information to enjoy a song, right?

Isaiah The Great – I Really Enjoy (Those) Girls | ZShare

UPDATE: “Aight the Production and rap duo is Isaiah Clements, from Yarmouth, Main, and Benjamin Hovey Connell, from Arlington, VA. They are known as Isaiah and Hovey. They met at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and hit it off from there. They are a duo that are currently in the production stage of creating the masterpiece called “Dante’s Love Inferno Machine”. Named after the glorious Dante Bellins, aka The Chocolate Bear or Te’ Biggs. Dante features in the song, “I Really Enjoyed (Those) Girls” on the hook. More work is to come and will hopefully grace the page of Pigeons and Planes. Bleedat!”