I had never heard this group, but here’s what got me enticed:

1) The band’s name is Little Dragon.

2) The song’s name is “Blinking Pigs”.

3) The album’s name is Machine Dreams. (Out 10/20)

Before I had even pressed ‘play’ my imagination was swimming in an ocean of possibility. But that was probably just part of this 3 week acid trip I’ve been trying to maintain. Just kidding. It was probably a combo of the choice names and the acid.

Anyways, I drink a lot of wine based on the label, and I listen to a lot of music based on the name. As you can imagine, I deal with a lot of disappointment. This one was a pleasant surprise. The electro quartet pulls through with a sparsely synthed-out pop hit filled with catchy/trippy vocals, snapping drums and weird effects here and there. A lot going on in this song, but it never sounds too busy. Glad I checked this one out. Saw it at Stereogum.

Little Dragon – Blinking Pigs | YouSendIt